Sunday, 6 December 2009

Christmas Time!

I'm in a bit of a good mood lately. I had my first sale today in a while so I'm happy to finally have some money coming in, even if it is off eBay for one product. I'm procrastinating on writing my final report of the term but I'm going home this coming Saturday and I've got the lion's share of it done anyway so it's not such a big deal. It's also Christmas time and I'm trying to get myself in the Christmas spirit. It's not quite there yet but we're only 6 days in to the month so there's still time. 

The lone sale has given me a small glimmer of hope even if it is an isolated case and the only one of its kind for far too long. The article in a trade magazine I wrote, which was mentioned in a previous post, got published a few days ago which garnered me some publicity, though it's pretty much limited to those in the industry such as companies because it's not a magazine that's widely available. Still, I've had several suppliers contact me offering their relevant services so it's not all bad.

I'm also working on a deal to get some mutual ads up on relevant websites to hopefully bring in traffic and I've been contacting some professional advertisement agencies to try to get the word out about my company as I'm clearly not cutting it and neither was Google Adsense for the money that was spent. We'll have to see how that works out.

Until next time, merry Christmas :)

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