Saturday, 24 October 2009

Pre-Christmas Drive

Apologies once again for not updating regularly - even at once a week it's hard to find the time to update. Assignments at university have started to pour in and I've been handing out CVs left, right and centre trying to find a job. On the plus side, however, the Internet has sped up in the house so it's now at a reasonable enough speed with which to be able to work. Enough about me however, now onto the business.

Unfortunately October has been a pretty slow month for the business. It has had 5 sales so far and none of them have been from the website itself. Due to the increased Internet speed I was finally able to load Google Analytics the other day for the first time in a few weeks and it did not paint a pretty picture; however the number of visitors has kept fairly consistent so I have that to be thankful for. I also noticed that there were a handful of subscribers to the newsletter which was a pleasant surprise.

At the moment there is a lull in university work so I plan to capitalise on this opportunity. Christmas is coming up so I will be updating the website with new goods as well as adding a number of special offers to try to draw customers in and boost sales. I've been talking to a few people regarding mutual advertising on websites relevant to my target audience to help boost traffic and sales as well. My supplier recently came to me with the offer of appearing in industry trade magazine MCV by answering a few general questions about the business and market in general so I will submit that Monday and fingers crossed it may even get published.

I will keep this blog updated with how all these things pan out as and when they happen. Until then, goodbye!

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