Sunday, 11 October 2009


Apologies for stating that I would update at least once a week and then promptly nearly going 3 weeks without an update but the past few weeks have all been very busy for me. Primarily because I moved house as university as started and amongst other important things such as trying to find a job and signing up for lectures/general university work it took a while to get Internet up in the house. It's still not great however as it's very temperamental and nowhere near as fast as it should be. 

Unfortunately in the past fortnight or so the business has slowed down somewhat...whereas I used to be sure of a sale every other day or so via eBay at least, there hasn't been a sale for a week now across any of my outlets. I have been experimenting with prices on a few of my more popular items and it appears I may have set them slightly too high for people's liking. Unfortunately I had a bit of a nasty surprise a few weeks ago due to some suppliers being less than clear with price structures and failing to make clear some extra costs which meant up until that point I had sold some of my items at a loss, which is the last thing a business wants when it is only just starting. Fortunately it is not too great a loss; it's recoverable so can simply be chalked up to experience and being more careful next time.

However it's going to be difficult to recover when the business has not seen any sales for a week. Unfortunately due to my other commitments, primarily university, I haven't been able to spend anywhere near enough time promoting the business and its website which means it's floundering about with no real aim or direction at the moment and I need to find the time to set it right but at the moment with the temperamental Internet connection it's just not possible as it only works half the time and is far too slow...

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